JRadiusManager enables Internet Service Providers to seamlessly administer multiple radius servers. The user-friendly interface provides easy access to billing, client and data use management, reporting and notifications.

Radius attributes are configured via a template system to define:

  • Realm (listed after client username), for example
    • client@wifi.yourdomain.com
    • client@l2tp.yourdomain.com
    • client@uncapped.yourdomain.com
  • Profile (the service)
    • 10GB PrePaid
    • 20MB Uncapped
    • Static IP L2tp
  • Username

Usage Policy

A cascading fair usage policy allows configuration of different attributes based on monthly data usage.


Accounting records are summarized per hour, giving you granular graphs

The notification system is template based with user configuration for example:

  • 50/70/90% Email Notification
  • 50/75% SMS Notification

Web Interface

The User Interface is role based with an option to switch into the client’s profile. This allows for easy client support or account creation without having to login as the client